Special Meeting BOC 3.4.19

Board of Commissioners Meeting 1701 Robertson Road

Modesto, California 95351

 Special Meeting Agenda

 March 4, 2019 3:30 p.m.

The Board of Commissioners welcomes and encourages public participation in the Commission meetings. Members of the public may be heard on any item on the  Commission’s agenda. A person addressing the Commission will be limited to 5 minutes unless the Chairperson grants a longer period of time. Comments by members of the public on any item on the agenda will only be allowed during consideration of the item by the Commission. Members of the public desiring to be heard on matters under jurisdiction of the Commission, but not on the agenda, may address the Commission during the General Public Comment period.

1. Call Meeting to Order

2. Roll Call

3. General Public Comment Period and Recognition of Guests

Members  of  the public desiring  to be heard  on matters under jurisdiction  of   the Commission, but not on  the  agenda,  may  address  the  Commission  at  this time. Comments will be limited to 5 minutes unless the Chairperson grants a longer period  of time.

4. Closed Session


Two Matters:

  1. Property Address: 636 Pedersen Road and 1135 E. J Street, Oakdale, CA. Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APN): 064-025-0181-00 and 064-025-032-000
  2. Property Address: 1612 Sisk Road, Modesto, CA: APN 005-053- 022


5. Action Agenda

  1. Consideration of Resolution 18-19-21 – Approving a Development Loan to Oakleaf Meadows Development in an amount Not to Exceed $500,000.


6.       Adjournment

 Per Government Code Section 54954.2, any person with a disability who requires an accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services, in order to participate in the meeting, please contact the Board Secretary during Agency business hours by calling at  least 48 hours prior to the start of the meeting (209) 557-2002. Writings that are public records under subdivision (a) and that are distributed during a public meeting shall be made available for public inspection at the meeting if prepared by the local agency or a member of its legislative body, or after the meeting if prepared by some other person. (Government Code, Section 54957(b).

Matters Too Late for The Agenda – These may be presented by members of the Commission and Authority staff upon determination that an emergency exists, as defined by State Law or that the need to take action on the matter arose subsequent to  the publishing of this agenda.

The Public is advised that the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the County of Stanislaus may not act on any item that is not on the Agenda unless (a) by a majority of vote of the Commissioners, they determine that an emergency situation  exists. An emergency situation is defined as a work stoppage or other activity which severely impairs public health, safety or both, which is determined by majority of the Commissioners. An emergency situation can also be a crippling disaster which  severely impairs public health, safety or both, as determined by the Commissioners; (b)  the Commissioners by a two thirds (2/3) vote of all the Commissioners present, or by unanimous vote of those present if less than two thirds (2/3) of the total Commissioners are present, determines that the need to take action became apparent subsequent to the posting of the agenda; c) the particular time was posted for a prior meeting which  occurred not more than five (5) Calendar days prior to the date action is actually taken on that item and at that prior meeting that item was continued to a meeting in which  action is now being taken.